Damage in the Port of Bar assessed to around EUR 35 million

Podgorica, (MINA) – According to the preliminary information, the storm of two days ago caused a damage of EUR 35 million in the Port of Bar, the Government has announced, adding that the company cannot overcome the situation with its own resources, but needs financial assistance.

The government adopted the Information on the damage caused by a violent storm to the port area of ​​the Port of Bar during the Thursday’s cabinet session.

“According to the currently available preliminary information, the Port of Bar assessed the estimated cost of acquiring those funds to be around EUR 35 million”, the press statement says.

It is stated that the Government’s help is necessary, both through appropriate form of financing urgent procurements, and through facilitating the simplification of administrative procedures so that everything that is necessary is done in the shortest possible time.

“On this occasion, the Government tasked the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs to, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Port of Bar, urgently review all possible modalities that can provide financial support for the urgent rehabilitation of the destroyed port superstructure”, the statement reads.