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A record reduction of pollution caused by cars

Albania’s General Directorate of Road Transport Services stated today that in our country there has been a record reduction of pollution caused by cars.

The Directorate reacted in this way to an article of the “Monitor” magazine on the impact of cars in the air quality.

In regard to claims that there has been an increase in the number of cars that use diesel oil, the Director said that these cars amount to 71% of the total vehicles and this figure has not changed during the period 2015-2022.

Beginning from 2018, Albania has also banned the import of 20 years old cars and more. And there has been a reduction of the number of the old cars in circulation by +48% if compared to 2021.

“We have a record of reducing pollution as a result of a much more meticulous Technical Control. Limited import, Euro 4 and above criteria for the used cars and Euro 5, 6 and above for new cars! 15 years old and below for used Bus and Truck, Euro 5 and above when these vehicles are imported new”, is read in a press release of the Directorate.

Meanwhile, All Electric cars consist of 17% of the total number of the cars.

The Directorate also emphasized the fact that the average age of the local car fleet in Albania is 17.5 years old. And during the last 3 years, the average age of the registered cars is 12 years.