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43 projects of building renovation with cappotto system and elevators supported by community fund

In the capital Tirana, there are 43 projects of building renovation with cappotto system and elevators that are being supported this year by the community fund.

The administrators of the buildings, elected by the residents and certified by the municipality, are the ones who carry out the procedures, after receiving the consent of at least 75% of the apartment block residents. Thus, they benefit from the municipality’s community fund that pays for a part of the works while the rest is paid by the residents themselves.

Last year, the municipality changed the rules, which allow special treatment for some categories.

“Thus, the pensioners, persons with disabilities or those living with economic assistance benefit 100 percent the grant from the community fund. This has brought about an increase of the number of applications for the current year. For this year alone, there are 84 applications, among them 43 are winners”, said Aurel Çuko.

According to director of  the co-ownership department in the municipality of Tirana, these interventions increase the value of the property.

“This kind of work has made the property value increase by 20-30 percent. Thanks to the cappotto system, there has been reduced the electricity bill of the residents, which means return on the investment”, stated Director Çuko.

In 7 years, the community fund, worth 100 million new Lekë per year, has supported 174 projects