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International Colony “Days of Mio,” artists from 15 countries amazed by landscape and architecture of Korça

The “Mio’s Days” brought together for three days in a row (October 25-28) the international colony of painters in the city of Korça.

The 13th edition of the international visual arts colony was held at the House Museum of painter Vangjush Mio.

About 50 painters from 15 countries of the world settled in different areas, putting on the canvas beautiful landscapes of Korça also inspired by the unique style of the “People’s Artist, Vangjush Mio” who is considered the “father” of the Albanian landscape.

Mio was the painter who signified the transition of Albanian painting to the modern concept, while his creativity, described as “Poet of Nature” for realistic landscapes and portraits, has inspired and become a model for all painters.

Jeff Roland from France has drawn inspiration from the buildings and life of the city of Korça.

The painter Genc Bekteshi from Suhareka, who participated in the international colony of figurative arts “Days of Mio”, was inspired by the “Resurrection of Christ” Cathedral, putting elements of classical architecture and its colors on the canvas.

Some of the participants who came to Korça for the first time, appreciated the fantastic nature and hospitality in the city of Korça.

“The two sides of the cathedral are the king and the queen, they love each other and there is nothing that keeps them apart,” the painter from Greece, Niko Tamoutselis, said.

 The painters created two paintings, one of which was donated to the art gallery of Korça.