Zadro: Extreme weather formations could once again bring strong and destructive storms

MOSTAR, July 25 (FENA) – The storm that hit Slovenia last night, and Croatia today, is right on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The FBiH Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMZ) has issued an orange weather alert for today from 18:00 until tomorrow at 15:00 hrs. due to the expected abundant local showers accompanied by thunder and strong gusts of wind.

The FHMZ states that a local occurrence of hail is also possible, and a warning has been issued for the entire country.

A professor of history and geography and a meteorologist Zoran Zadro told FENA that a red weather alert has been activated for parts of Croatia, when it comes to thunderstorms, since this morning, especially for the Zagreb region and the central and eastern part of Croatia.

“For our part of the region, the orange weather alert has been issued, although I believe that today during the day, the red weather alert could be issued as well for parts of northwestern, northern and northeastern Bosnia,” he said.

He adds that these are again very stormy weather processes that can locally bring life-threatening, strong destructive storms, with great material damage.

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