Women’s Day/Ada Sarbu, the woman at the helm of Salvamont Sinaia who strives for ‘splendor’

Ada Sarbu is the woman at the helm of Salvamont Sinaia, the mountain rescue service facing some of the hardest and most challenging work conditions in the country; this “tiny Sinaia local and citizen of the big world” as she terms herself, has been living for several months now the dream of her life – that of being part of the mountain rescue service.

As the daughter of Mihail Sarbu, one of the founders of the Romanian alpine rescue and relief service, she grew up on the mountain and confesses: “Salvamont was the dream of my life, I was pretty sure this is what I would do after I would have become a military supersonic pilot (laughs – Ed. note), a natural scientist and so on… there was this constant there, from my early childhood until my early youth, so to speak – namely Salvamont. It was really the dream of my life that never completely abandoned me, yet at a certain point I called it quits and pursued other walks of life.”

Through a chain of circumstances Ada, a bachelor of Political Science, got to work as a conference interpreter in Brussels for institutions such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, but also on the private market, for large companies in various business fields.

When the idea first emerged for her to take over the management of Salvamont Sinaia, she greeted it with a “Homeric laughter”, but then pondered it for three months “as she had never pondered on anything before”.

“Above all, I returned with the desire that, together with the team that has always been good, even extraordinary, we should take the step towards the splendor Salvamont Sinaia can be. I’m talking about the splendor of the Salvamont service in terms of equipment, composition, recognition, in terms of spirit, and the splendor of honoring my father and the memory of his generous, rough and gorgeous life that saw him skillfully reinvent himself, and man, was he good at it! Given my personal experience, it seems to me that Salvamont Sinaia’s opening to a female member is already a progress, an extra inch in the strive towards splendor. Obviously, I wish I don’t remain the only woman on the team. It seems to me that women are formidable from an extraordinary number of viewpoints,” the head of Salvamont Sinaia explains her creed.

Ada Sarbu’s belief is that women have unfathomable powers and can achieve anything they set their mind on.