Women present some agricultural products at the fair

Women from rural areas in the country have exhibited various agricultural products for sale at the fair.

On the occasion of Rural Women’s Day, EcoKosWomen, the Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci, said that such activities bring to light the quality of local products and create opportunities for networking among farmers, but at the same time connections between citizens as consumers and producers.

Minister Peci also said that within the grants for 2022, a record of support for women within the Ministry has been set, with an amount of 7.2 million euros.

“Within the Grants Program for 2022, we have a record of support for women, within the Ministry of Agriculture, with about 7.2 million euros. And within it, not only in terms of setting up new plantations, but also in terms of processing and other measures that we have taken as the Government”, Peci emphasized.

The head of the “UN Women” office in Kosovo, Vlora Tuzi Nushi, said that even though rural women help and grow food, in most cases they remain quite discriminated in many aspects.

“This topic has a goal of raising awareness for all of us, because everywhere in the world, not only in Kosovo, rural women, even though they help and grow food for the whole world, in most cases they themselves remain quite discriminated in many aspects. Firstly, access to land, ownership, equal unpaid work, which women receive compared to men, are many reasons why this date is marked”, continued Nushi.

Valdete Sahiti from the Municipality of Vitia has been involved in the production of several agricultural products for many years, and she has made nine different products for this fair.

“There are some products that we cultivate and preserve ourselves or process such as “ajvar”, “pinxhur” and others. The most difficult product to be made is “ajvar”… I have been dealing with this activity for six years now…

In the last two years, awareness among citizens about local products and more about quality has started to increase,” said Sahiti.

Whereas, the purpose of this fair is to appreciate the work of rural women, and to earn as much as possible from the hard work they do.

Rural Women’s Day is an important event to honor the valuable contribution of women in agriculture. The fair lasts for one day, today (Monday) until 17:00 at “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina.