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Vlora declared European city of sport 2024

Vlora will be one of the 13 European cities of sport for 2024.

Mayor of Vlora Ermal Dredha gave the news today appreciating that this is a great honor for Vlora, but also a great responsibility.

“Vlora submitted its candidacy a few weeks ago to ACES Europe, while yesterday, in Brussels, at the European Parliament, during the annual ceremony announcing the nominations for 2024 (ACES Annual GALA Awards 2024), our request was accepted”, he said.

Present at this ceremony were Klevis Kaso, the deputy mayor of the municipality for sports and sports infrastructure, Elona Hasanaj, head of the “Flamurtari” Multi-Sports Club and Tea Memushi, a well-known basketball player.

Dredha appreciated that this brings great opportunities, but requires high-quality work and preparation from everyone.

“We have been given a golden opportunity for our city. Vlora will gain a lot, no doubt. We must use it wisely”, he said.

Dredha also stated that this will help the image of Vlora, as a clean and hospitable city with good infrastructure, modern hotels, attractive tradition and heritage, extraordinary natural beauty and generous people.

“We can do a lot during this sports year for tourism, because of course, Vlora, now as part of a European map of activities, will be an open gate for foreigners. They will come this year for sports, but they can come back every year for tourism, for business, for recreation. It is nice to emphasize this European affiliation. Now, we have to show that we deserved it”, he said.