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Vjosa inclusion in UNESCO brings about economic development and sustainable tourism

UNESCO is due to send an advisory mission to Albania, which will assist the Albanian authorities regarding the preparation of the file for the registration of the Vjosa River and its basin as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Ambassador of Albania to UNESCO Besiana Kadare confirmed the news to ATA. She also spoke about the benefits that will come to the community from the inclusion of the Vjosa in UNESCO.

Considered the last wild river in Europe, the qualification of the Vjosa into a biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO assumes vital importance for the development of the entire area along which the Vjosa flows.

Kadare emphasized that the application to be registered as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve will be based on three priorities: improving water quality, measures against deforestation and the revitalization of villages through rural tourism.

Hence, Kadare said that registration as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve not only aims to protect natural values, but will also improve the quality of life of local communities along the Vjosa.

The ambassador also said that the work for the preparation of the file will be done in close cooperation with UNESCO experts, who will help the Albanian authorities in defining the protected area and preparing the application.

Kadare recalled that the Albanian government has meanwhile guaranteed the protection of the Vjosa River, declaring it a National Park in March of the current year.