Fetoshi: The Albanians of the Valley should be mobilized to vote en masse in the elections

University professor, Arben Fetoshi, considers it important that the Albanians in the Presheva Valley are unified and mobilized to participate massively in the election process, in order to ensure the largest possible representation in the Parliament of Serbia.

In an interview for KosovaPress, he considers that the election campaign for the December 17 elections in Serbia reconfirms that Serbian politics has remained a hostage of the past, as the Serbian position and opposition have once again misused Kosovo to encourage the mobilization of electorates in order to gain as many votes as possible.

Fetoshi says that the way the electoral campaign is conducted proves the fact that Serbia continues with the old games, not doing anything in the framework of neighboring relations.

Fetoshi, while saying that the Albanian political factor in Serbia has been divided in the past, for which he says that this has resulted in minimal representation in the Serbian parliament, called on the Albanians to mobilize to respond to the election process.

The university professor adds that the participation of as many Albanian voters in tomorrow’s elections will affect what he calls the largest possible representation in the Parliament of Serbia.

Fetoshi mentions the important fact that the Albanians in the Presheva Valley should be unified. Meanwhile, despite the desire for greater representation in the Parliament of Serbia, Fetoshi considers it almost impossible, because as he says “we do not have a unified political front of Albanians, which will guarantee greater representation”.

In the parliamentary elections in Serbia, two lists of Albanians will participate “The political battle of Albanians continues – Shaip Kamberi” which is led by Shaip Kamberi and “Albanian Democratic Alternative-United Valley”, which is led by Shqipërim Arifi.