Victims and witnesses of genocide urge BiH authorities to protect the returnees in RS

The Association of Genocide Victims and Witnesses urged BiH officials and the international community to stop Milorad Dodik’s intentions and protect returnees in the RS, saying that Dodik’s constant reference to the original Dayton Agreement without Annex VII is a continuation of crimes against the Bosniaks and Croats in the RS.

The Association assesses that for the purposes of his own promotion, Dodik calls for and demands respect for only the original Dayton Agreement and that he and the RS will not deviate from it, and at the same time use only the parts of the Dayton Agreement that correspond to them.

”Annex VII of the Dayton Agreement is also a part of Dayton that Dodik never mentions, and there is a reason why. Annex VII is the condition for the return of basic human rights defined by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is also part of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Annex VII should be the basis of all discussions because it implies the safe return of those expelled to their homes and the exercise of all other rights arising from the Constitution,” underlines the Association of Victims and Witnesses of Genocide.

As they state, there are serious studies that indicate that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS contributed to the fact that the number of Bosniaks and Croats who returned to their homes is quite low and that even the most persistent ones who returned were exposed to various attacks that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS never investigates.