Ukraine’s NATO accession is decided – Tajani

Question now is when says foreign minister.

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 12 – Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani stressed on Wednesday that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is effectively settled, even though Kyiv’s hopes of having a specific timeline for admission to the alliance at his week’s Vilnius summit were dashed.
“The decision to admit Ukraine to NATO has effectively been made. The question is when,” Tajani told Rtl radio from Vilnius.
“Certainly not during the war (with Russia) because of the risks of escalation.
“We are helping Kyiv to defend its independence, its territory.
“Peace cannot happen unless the Russian soldiers leave Ukraine.
“It’s difficult to understand what Russia intends to do.
“We want the Ukrainians to be able to reconquer an important part of their territory”.