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Türkiye’s aid to Gaza since last Oct. 7 reaches 42,000 tons

Humanitarian assistance provided by Türkiye to Gaza since last October has reached 42,000 tons, the country said Wednesday.

“Türkiye’s humanitarian aid to Gaza has reached 42,000 tons,” the Foreign Ministry said on X, adding that the country, as the second-largest contributor of aid to Gaza, accounts for nearly a quarter of the total aid.

It stated that “an average of 127 tons of drinking water is delivered from Türkiye through Egypt to Gaza every week,” stressing that more than 400 Gazan patients and wounded individuals are also getting medical treatment in Türkiye.

It added that Ankara “will continue to stand by Gaza and the Palestinian people,” including amid the current Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, which has killed some 33,000 Palestinians since Oct. 7, 2023.