Tourists from the Netherlands and Austria visit Gjirokastra: One of most beautiful cities

Local and foreign tourists continue to enliven the stone cobble streets of the southern city of Gjirokastra even during September.

The museum center remains as always the initial destination, as almost everyone starts their visit from the city’s castle.

Ramona from the Netherlands said that, “Last year, I watched a Dutch TV program about Albania, we were inspired to come here. We have been to the castle and to the bazaar. It is a very beautiful city, pleasant weather and friendly people, we felt welcome everywhere”.

“As my wife said, it is a very beautiful city, hospitable people, I would have no problem returning to Gjirokastra again”, said Ramona’s husband.

Another tourist said that, “I come from Venice. It is the first time in Albania. We have visited Vlora, Saranda, Butrint, but I can say that Gjirokastra is the most beautiful city I have seen”.

“Now we will go to the castle and then we will visit the characteristic Ottoman- style houses. We will also visit the Ethnographic Museum. Gjirokastra is one of the most beautiful cities in Albania because it is protected by UNESCO. It is a historical, beautiful city that must be visited,” said an Italian tourist.

Magda from Austria said that, “We will only stay for one night in Gjirokastra. We got a lot of food to try.”

Tourists who visit the stone city are always amazed by the complete tourist package offered by the city and its surroundings. Gjirokastra is ranking more and more among the elite cities of Albanian tourism, absorbing an ever-increasing number of tourists.

Known for its characteristic houses, stone roofs and whitewashed walls, Gjirokastra is one of the main tourist spots in the country. The stone castle and the park of Antigone continue to remain the most favorite to be visited by local and foreign tourist groups along their guides and trips in the Gjirokastra area.

From January to the end of August, over 200,000 local and foreign tourists visited Gjirokastra and its surroundings, recording among the highest numbers in years. This summer season has identified Gjirokastra as one of the main destinations for tourism, not only at the national level, but also beyond.