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Tome Adzievski’s exhibition “Once Upon A Time In The East” to open at Chifte Hammam

Tome Adzievski’s exhibition “Once Upon A Time In The East” will open on Thursday at 7:30 pm at the National Gallery Chifte Hammam. Adzievski’s latest creative opus represents a kind of homage to the time of the Russian avant-garde and their artistic revolution – a reaction to the social revolution, the National Gallery said.

“This was an exceptionally important time for the development of art in the last century and generally for art history and through neo-avant-garde still has reminiscences on contemporary art, i.e. the art that is created today, however anachronic the neo-avant-garde may seem. Adzievski “adapts” experiences from the Russian progressive artistic intelligence, the advantages of abstract art, constructivism, metaphysical art, suprematism, of art as a theory, neo-avant-garde from the 1970s, postmodern aesthetic, all with the aim to cover very acute issues still relevant today. Through this visual premise, Adzievski illustrates the role of artists in Eastern Europe, geo-politically including North Macedonia as well, deliberately verbalizing the need to of greater appreciation of Eastern tradition, as opposed to blindly following Western globalism, which we have witnessed for many decades now,” adds the National Gallery.

The artist used waste materials or materials purposefully obtained for his sculptures. These are multimedia pieces that contain sheet metal, corrugated paper, plastic, metal, springs from old mattresses, cardboards, silicone, pipes, marble, jute bags, belts, plastic crates, wooden boards, asphalt, paint, tar etc.

The exhibition, which will run through November 29, is curated by Ana Frangovska, senior curator at the National Gallery.