Indonesia, new market for wheat exports, opened by National Veterinary and Food Safety Authority

The National Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) has opened a new market for the export of wheat, namely Indonesia, the confirmation of the export being received from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, through a message from the Minister of Agriculture in Jakarta.

“ANSVSA president Alexandru Bociu has received confirmation from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, through a message from the Minister of Agriculture of Jakarta, regarding the export of various agricultural products, especially wheat, from Romania to the Republic of Indonesia,” ANSVSA representatives announced in a press release sent to AGERPRES on Thursday.

The certificate of analysis sent by ANSVSA was evaluated by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, which concluded that the document meets the selection criteria for agricultural products, including the analysis of the composition of wheat grains.

“In view of the positive assessment, I am pleased to confirm that Romania can start the process of exporting wheat to the Republic of Indonesia. This collaboration between our countries, initiated in the agricultural sector, strengthens the ties between our two countries and promotes the principles of international trade. We greatly appreciate the efforts that the Romanian Government and ANSVSA are making to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products exported to the Republic of Indonesia,” reads the message received from the Indonesian Ambassador in Bucharest, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat.

On October 9, ANSVSA president Alexandru Bociu and vice president Ioan Oleleu had a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador in Bucharest. He presented Indonesia’s interest in importing grain from Romania.

“We are convinced that this collaboration will bring benefits both for our grain producers and for Romania’s economy as a whole. We will work closely with the Indonesian authorities to facilitate this trade exchange and to ensure that our products reach the Indonesian market in optimal conditions,” said ANSVSA president Alexandru Bociu.

Through its actions, ANSVSA creates opportunities for Romanian producers by opening new export markets. Romanian farmers can thus market their high quality products all over the world and confirm Romania’s status as an important player in agriculture and the food industry.