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BoA survey: Albania’s economic confidence index increases

Albania’s economic confidence index increased by 2.2 percentage points month-on-month in December, the central bank said in its latest business and consumer confidence survey a day ago.

The Bank of Albania said increase in the business and consumer confidence index is reflected in main sectors of the country’s economy.

According to the central bank’s survey, increase in the economic confidence index was driven by growth in confidence in construction, services and industry. Meanwhile, trade and the consumer confidence remained almost unchanged in December 2023.

The confidence index in construction sector saw significant surge by 9.1 percentage points in December, reaching all-time high rates to 30.3 percentage points above the long-term average level.

The industry confidence indicator inched up by 0.5 pp in December.

The services confidence indicator increased by 2.6 percentage points to 16 percentage points above its historical average. The trade confidence indicator was flat at 7.7 percentage points above its historical average.

The consumer confidence index also was flat in December, standing 1.3 percentage points above its historical average.