This year’s wheat yield guarantees self-sufficiency

This year’s wheat yield of 820,000 tons guarantees self-sufficiency, reporters were told in Osijek on Monday at a press conference organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce’s Osijek county branch.

The winter crops suffered due to excessively humid soil, which affected yields and is the reason why last year’s wheat yield of a million tons was not achieved, said Tugomir Majdak, state secretary at the Agriculture Ministry.

The grain yield totals 3.1 million tons, including nearly two tonnes of maize, oil crops yielded over 420,000 tonnes, while the soybean yield was below last year’s, he said.

Soybean export remains extremely favourable, he said. We know soybean is no-GMO, which helps on the European market, he added.

The domestic market is over 160% self-sufficient in terms of grain and over 200% self-sufficient in terms of oil crops, Majdak said.