The opposition is not expected to agree to the dissolution of the Assembly

The opposition parties in the Assembly of Kosovo are not expected to find a common language for the dissolution of the Assembly, which would enable the country to organize snap elections. In the largest opposition party, PDK, they say that the self-dismissal of the MPs is the most possible solution in the current political circumstances, while in LDK and AAK they insist that snap elections can only happen through the resignation or dismissal of the Kurti government.

On the other hand, political analysts declare that the disunity of the opposition mostly favors Prime Minister Albin Kurti. PDK’s deputy chairwoman, Vlora Çitaku, tells KosovaPress that efforts will continue to convince LDK and AAK to support the idea of disbanding the Assembly to pave the way for snap elections.

She emphasizes that they have no spears for the opposition, but they intend to unify in order to send the country to the elections as soon as possible. However, LDK MP, Rrezarta Krasniqi, emphasizes that snap elections can only be held if Kurti resigns or is dismissed.

She underlines that the MPs of Lumir Abdixhiku’s party will not vote for such a thing in the Assembly. Meanwhile, the AAK MP, Time Kadrijaj, says that although they are in the opposition, they have different political positions with PDK and LDK. On the other hand, analyst Dritëro Arifi, says that the disunity of the opposition favors the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti.

However, he sees it as possible that each of the three opposition parties are ready for a post-election coalition with the ruling party, Vetëvendosje Movement. In the VV, they have repeatedly stressed that they support the request for the dissolution of the Assembly only if PDK, LDK and AAK all agree.