The inauguration of equipment in the Oncology Clinic, Kurti: Waiting lists will be removed by the end of the year

The waiting lists at the Oncology Clinic will be removed by the end of the year, said Prime Minister Albin Kurti, after the device for irradiating cancer patients is put into operation.
He told reporters that the second accelerator is of modern technology and will do the radiation with maximum precision without damaging the other tissues.
“This latest technology adapts to the surface of the tumor, and in this way, it is managed not to cause collateral damage… In record time they managed to install and assemble this device, this second accelerator from which every patient will benefit. Until now, the waiting time for patients has been six to eight weeks, whereas according to director Ilir Kurtishi, this time will most likely come to zero within this year”, he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, said that 2 million euros will be invested in the Oncology Clinic to improve the infrastructure.
He added that the hours-long waiting of patients in this clinic is coming to an end, as the capacity of the beds will also increase.
Whereas, the director of the Oncology Clinic, Ilir Kurtishi, said that the need for treatment outside Kosovo will now be minimal, as according to him, patients will receive modern and meritorious treatment.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Kurti, despite the journalists’ insistence, refused to answer about the dialogue and the situation in the north of the country. /KosovaPress/