The government supports the CBK, Bislimi: The Euro has been and will be the only official currency

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, said that the new Regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo will enter into force tomorrow.

He said that the Government of Kosovo is determined that the implementation of legality in each part of Kosovo is unconditional and uncompromising. He emphasized that they are committed to ensure that the eventual transitional periods ensure that citizens adapt as soon as possible, easily, and without damage.

He emphasized that the CBK Regulation neither prohibits, nor allows, nor deals with the Serbian dinar.

According to him, the Serbian dinar was not allowed even earlier.

“There are a number of concerns related to the impact that the implementation of the Regulation may have on those citizens who have accepted the transfer from the Republic of Serbia through illegal structures that have operated and continue to operate illegally in the market, as well as the impact that this Regulation may have on those businesses that for years have carried out transactions in dinars and which have not been able to be registered in the system of national accounts, or tax systems by TAK. The past week has been accompanied by a series of meetings, reactions, and requests, and also circulated a number of misinterpretations of the main messages that have come out of these meetings and these statements. In this regard, allow me to emphasize the following: None of the demands of the parties involved, and especially this applies to our international friends, does not question the legality of the regulation approved by the CBK. I do not even question the fact that CBK is the only institution that designs and implements monetary policy in the country. I do not doubt that throughout this process CBK is an independent institution and that in this design of monetary policies, CBK is subject only to our Constitution and the most advanced international standards that regulate the payment system. They do not dispute that the euro has been and continues to be the only official currency in use”, he declared.

According to him, the only concern of the international partners has to do with “the necessity that the eventual adaptation of the operation under the new umbrella of rules, those citizens who have accepted and continue to accept transfers from the Republic of Serbia, have a little more time available and be better informed”.

“This regulation brings a series of important innovations that are related to the new ban on the circulation of the 500-euro currency, the establishment of precise rules for the management of the import or export of banknotes dominated in euros or alternative currencies, it indicates the conditions or standards for the licensing of operators dealing with the import of banknotes or cars, but also sets the rules for the exchange of damaged banknotes. All of these come into effect tomorrow. The attempt to interpret the date of entry into force only from the angle of the impact it will have on the transportation of currencies in dinars, ignores the regulation in its entirety and devalues all these important aspects that regulate cash operations in the country”, said Bislimi.