The gathering of ‘Dardanët’ begins, Foda: The doors will be open to all players

The coach of the Kosovo National Team, Franco Foda, held today the media conference, before this month’s matches against Armenia and Hungary. Foda started the conference in the Albanian language with “Mirëdita” (Good afternoon), while continuing to show that the gathering of the players has started and that all of them are ready, reports KosovaPress.

“Good afternoon, I hope you are all well for our first meeting. Over the past weeks me and the coach have been traveling a lot, watching the players and getting updates on the various games. Also, I personally met with the players, in Italy with Amir Rrahmani, in Spain with Vedat Muriqi, where we had very good conversations, and we are happy to start with the players and we are happy to start the first game with Armenia. Not all players are present today because they had a game yesterday, but today during the day they will all be present. However, today 17 players will participate in training and today we have the first meeting with them. All the players are healthy and fit for the game,” said Foda.

Also, Foda revealed why the striker of Rapid Bucharest, Ermal Krasniqi, is missing from his group. He said that during these months he has traveled constantly to watch the matches of Kosovo players, and the invited players have convinced him that they deserve to be part of the group, that’s why they are invited.

“We had a group of 40 to 50 players, but we decided on these players who fascinated us the most. However, each of these players must present themselves in the best ways, also the doors will be open for each player, and each player then has the opportunity to show himself and take part in the game. However, we want to give these players that we have selected now the opportunity to show themselves in this game, but in the future, in the next matches, we will constantly watch the players. For us, it is very important to prepare during these games that we have now, as well as in the summer, and to select the best players”, said Foda.

“Dardanët” face Armenia on March 22, while four days later they will play against Hungary.