The Declaration on Missing Persons, Hoti: EU is not conditioning Serbia to open the archives

The Declaration on Missing Persons, approved on May 2 in Brussels, is not being implemented by the Serbian side. The head of the Governmental Commission on Missing Persons, Andin Hoti, has sent a letter to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, with the request for the opening of the archives. He says that he has not received an answer, even though it has been more than a month since this request was sent.

The European Union as mediator of this statement, as Hoti says, is not conditioning Serbia to implement what they have agreed on. In an interview for KosovaPress, the head of the Governmental Commission on Missing Persons also talks about the excavations that started last week in Prishtina and about the Law on Missing Persons.
Since the beginning of the year, several excavations have been carried out in different locations in Kosovo, but Hoti repeats the request to return to the search in three locations where more than 700 bodies were found, in Batajnica, Petrovo Sello, and Bajna Bashta in the territory of Serbia.

He also talks about the letter he sent to Serbia, about the opening of the archives.
For this, Hoti also blames the European Union, for which he demands that Serbia be conditioned for access to these archives.

As he emphasizes that their focus is the excavations in the mass graves in Serbia, Hoti adds that in Kosovo, almost every four-square kilometer has been excavated, or over 2,700 locations.

Hoti adds that there are two more places, which will be excavated in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, based on court orders. One is in Mitrovica, whereas the other is in the village of Bizhtazhin in Gjakova, where it is expected that there will be other excavations.

The leader of the Kosovo delegation for talks with Serbia on the issue of missing persons, Andin Hoti, emphasizes that the Law on Missing Persons will be finalized very soon.

This legislative initiative, as he says, does not determine and does not include the requests of the families of the missing persons. Hoti adds that this is done by the Law on Pensions and the Law on Categories Emerged from War.