The court sentences Dushko Arsiq, accused of war crimes in Kosovo

The court has announced a conviction for the accused Dushko Arsiq for the criminal offense war crimes against the civilian population.

The Basic Court in Prishtina has decided in the criminal case against the accused D.A due to the criminal offense of war crimes against the civilian population.

According to the court, the accused D.A was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of thirteen years, in which punishment will be calculated the time spent under the measure of detention from 08.12.2021 until the finality of this verdict and the same is continued the measure of detention until the finality of this judgment, but not more than the sentence imposed.

Also, the accused D.A is obliged to pay all the expenses of the criminal procedure.

“D.A. has been accused that, in collaboration with other members of the Serbian police and paramilitary groups, consisting of the majority of Serbian nationality, during the war in Kosovo, specifically from January-June 1999, he initially participated in the deportation and relocation with the violence of the citizens of Prishtina and the surrounding area, then they had started looting the houses, and then with the aim of damaging the property of the Albanians, they had set them on fire. They had also participated in the mistreatment of Albanian civilians, where they injured and killed some of them. The accused D.A had also participated in the execution of the victim, now deceased B.SH, so that on 20.04.1999, in the village of Butovc, Municipality of Prishtina in the place called “Macedonian Cemetery” while the victim was walking, they shot him with an automatic rifle and after shooting him, then they ordered the victim A.K, then 15 years old, to carry the body of the victim B.SH on his back, even though the victim there had considerable physical injuries, since previously the defendant D.A had abused him physically and mentally, where these actions are sanctioned according to local laws, customs of war, International Geneva Conventions, and additional protocols. The injured party A.K. is directed to a regular civil dispute, related to the legal property claim”, reads the communiqué.

Dissatisfied parties have the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal of Kosovo through the Basic Court in Prishtina.