The Balkaner of Judo in Peja, Kuka: We are ready, I expect four gold medals

This weekend, on September 2 and 3, in the sports hall, “Karagaç” in Peja, the Balkan Championship of Judo-Seniors & Mix Teams will be held, in individual and team competitions.

Over 120 competitors from 10 countries will go to Peja to participate in a very interesting competition, which preceded the European Judo Championship that will also be held in Kosovo in December of this year.

The judo coach, Driton Kuka, tells KosovaPress that all preparations have already been made for this championship, although he admits that it was quite challenging to organize such a major event.

Beyond the sports aspect, Kuka says that another challenge in the preparations for this championship was the accommodation of the guests because there are ten countries that will come with more than 120 competitors to Kosovo.

Kuka is very optimistic about the judokas from Kosovo who will compete in this championship. He says that he expects three to four gold medals from them

Kuka also criticized several sports federations in Kosovo. According to him, the lack of results in the international arena is a clear indication that work is not being done with due seriousness in many federations. He said Kosovo should follow the example of Slovenia, a country that is achieving top results in many sports.

Until now, from the participation in international competitions, there are five judokas who have reached the Olympic norm which guarantees their participation in the Olympic Games held in Paris in 2024.