The allocation of funds for the beneficiaries of home insulation begins; that’s how many citizens applied

The allocation of funds for citizens, for subsidizing the insulation of houses, has started. There are over 1,000 citizens who have completed the works in their homes, while not all of them have received the money from the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF). Although the Fund is in the process of allocation for those who have fulfilled all the required conditions.

Despite the fact that women have had priority in this subsidy program, the number of those who have applied is only 2 percent of the total number. This is what Fillojetë Konjuhi from the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF) told KosovaPress.

Konjuhi said that the first agreements have already been signed with the citizens who have passed all the verification processes, while adding that every day they allocate money to the accounts of the beneficiary citizens.

Despite the fact that there is still time to complete the works, Konjuhi says that half of the citizens have completed them on time.

However, Konjuhi indicates that there are cases where citizens are calling the Fund before the works have been completed, which is why they called on the beneficiaries not to notify them before the works are fully completed because the process will be delayed.

Despite the fact that women had the advantage of being subsidized at 5 percent plus, only 2 percent of the total beneficiaries were women.

Among other things, Konjuhi shows the stages that beneficiaries must complete until disbursement.

According to her, completing the documentation remains a challenge in this project. She says that many citizens who submit requests for disbursement do not properly complete the required documentation.

Speaking about the citizens who have applied to the call “Implementation of energy efficiency measures for individual residential houses”, Konjuhi explains that the beneficiaries must submit invoices in a detailed and not generalized manner.

According to Konjuhi, the municipalities that are the main beneficiaries of subsidies are Prishtina, Podujeva, Peja, Ferizaj, Vushtrria, Gjakova, Gjilan, Prizren. While she emphasizes that there are the fewest applicants from the northern municipalities of the country.

We recall that in order to save more energy and increase well-being in individual homes, the Government of Kosovo has supported the program for subsidizing the thermal insulation of homes, thermal insulation of roofs, as well as the replacement of windows and doors for 45 percent of the investment value, up to 5,500 euros.