Survey: 56% of Croatian workers expect holiday pay this summer

ZAGREB, 18 June (Hina) – More than half of the employees in Croatia (56%) expect to receive holiday bonus, while every third worker is satisfied with the number of days of annual leave, according to a survey by the MojPosao job search portal published on Tuesday.

The findings of the survey which included almost 1,000 respondents, show that this year, as many as 56% of workers in Croatia expect to receive a holiday bonus pay.

The expected average holiday pay is € 327, which is an increase of 8% compared to 2023 when it amounted to € 302.

In 2020 only a quarter of workers (24%), expected to receive holiday pay, in 2021 that percentage jumped to 39%, in 2022 to 49%, and in 2023 to 52%, the MojPosao portal underlined.

The highest number of respondents expecting holiday pay are employed in state-owned companies and institutions (93% and 94%, respectively),В but they also expect to receive the lowest amount of holiday pay, € 279.

A little more than half the employees in foreign-owned private companies expect to receive the highest holiday pay of € 365, (55%). On the other hand, workers in private local companies are the least optimistic and only 38% of them expect to receive this tax-free bonus in holiday pay amounting to € 332.