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Stefana Dimitrova and Darijan Kochoski, bride and groom of 61st Galichnik Wedding

Stefana Dimitrova and Darijan Kochoski will be the bride and groom at the 2024 Galichnik Wedding that will be held on July 12-14 in the village of Galichnik, marking its 61st anniversary.
The Galichnik local community said the couple meets all requirements for participation in the Galishkik Wedding tradition.
“We are pleased to announce that the Galichnik local community has chosen the lucky couple to be the next bride and groom at the 2024 Galichnik Wedding, which will be held July 12-14. This year’s bride, Stefana Dimitrova, is part of the Galichnik families Chalovski and Venoski, a long-time participant of the Galichnik wedding events, and the groom is Darijan Kochoski. We wish them a lifetime of happiness, luck, success, and hopefully a baby next year! Congratulations!” the Galichnik local community wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.