Sophia, most famous humanoid AI robot, tours Athens

Sophia, the globally renowned humanoid AI robot, recently toured Athens and was captured in a photograph against the backdrop of the Acropolis. 

Sophia participated in a technology and information event organized by companies from Greece and Cyprus. On the event stage, she announced that she will be back in Greece in March, visiting Rhodes and Nafpaktos. 
Sophia speaks 20 languages, including Greek flawlessly, and will participate in the first ‘Greek Festival’ taking place in Rhodes.  This cultural celebration showcases the history, traditions, flavors, and customs of the Dodecanese Islands, with the participation of embassies, academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs. At the Rodos Palace on March 8, Sophia will preside over the closing ceremony and the Greek Entrepreneurship Conference.

On March 10, she will be present at the Meet Sophia Conference in the Holy Monastery Metamorfossi tou Sotiros (Transfiguration of Christ) in Skala Nafpaktias, north of Nafpaktos proper, facing the Corinthian Gulf. There, she will engage with representatives from various faiths, addressing questions on artificial intelligence and ethics. Among the issues examined will be the protection of privacy and the safeguarding of justice and human values. 

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, and is represented in Greece by Victorious Network. She was activated on February 14, 2016 and made her first public appearance in mid-March 2016. She has met with state leaders and widely recognized individuals, and has given interviews on the greatest television networks around the globe.