Sold the house to take care of disabled children

Resmije Krasniqi, president of the “Hadër” Humanitarian Association in Prizren, has been caring for people with disabilities for over 20 years. Currently, Resmija says that it has five people under its 24-hour care. For KosovaPress, she highlights the challenges and difficulties she encountered during her journey, as a mother of a 46-year-old daughter with disabilities. The need to open such a humanitarian association, and to become a shelter for many people of this category, forced Resmija to sell her daughter’s inherited house. While talking about the vicissitudes she has gone through, the “mother” of dozens of children, asks the institutions to take steps to support this center.

Despite the fact that these people cannot speak or express themselves, many wooden handicrafts, national clothes, various frames and many other interesting things are made by their own hands. Such creations, to help this association in its operation, are also made by the mothers of these children.

This is their way of survival, including the projects they participate in.

Resmija for KosovaPress shows that she sold the house of her daughter with disabilities, which was left to her by her grandfather, to establish the “Hadër” association. They further called on the government and all institutions to help this association as much as possible, in order to succeed in answering the requests of people who want to join this association.

Among other things, Krasniqi mentions only one among hundreds of cases, how she takes care of people with disabilities. She tells the situation when the brother of a person in this category asked the head of the association “Hadër” to take his sister under his care, because the neighbors complained about uncontrolled actions in the residential building.

The humanitarian association “Hadër” was founded immediately after the last war in Kosovo, with the initiative of several mothers of children with special abilities. This organization is committed to the well-being of these people.

Among other things, the purpose of the formation of this association was to sensitize local and international opinion on the difficult situation of persons with disabilities, their protection, support and psychophysical treatment, as well as the organization of various courses with mothers and persons of this category.

This is also shown by Resmije herself in her book “The memory of Mother”, in which there are many stories and poems that describe the difficult life of these people.

The association “Hadër” treats people in groups of 9-12 people, about 40 people a day and works every day from 08:00 to 17:00.