Sebastian Olaru and Alexandru Micsik from AGERPRES, among laureates of ReExpozitia photography contest winners

The ReExpozitia photography contest, now at its third edition, has established its winners, editor Sebastian Olaru and photojournalist Alexandru Micsik from AGERPRES being among the laureates.

“We are happy to announce the winners of the third edition of ReExpozitia, a photo contest designed to REmind us about the REpetitive character of natural disasters and about the importance of financial protection for homes,” the organizers said on Friday.

Following the votes cast by the three jurors, Vlad Eftenie, Ioana Ginghina and Dan Negru, the following were awarded:

* Amateur category: Sebastian Olaru – 500 EUR

* Professional category:

First prize: Liviu Stoica – 2,000 EUR
Second prize: Alexandru Micsik – 1,500 EUR
Third prize: Marius Burcea – 1,000 EUR

The photos entered in the contest will be exhibited at the Artmark opening on Monday, March 4, and online on the competition website.

The ReExpozitia photography contest is organized by the Natural Disaster Insurance Pool (PAID) and is part of a wide awareness campaign on the repetitive nature of natural disasters.

PAID is an insurance-reinsurance company, with private capital, formed by the association of insurance companies for the conclusion of compulsory home insurance, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 260/2008. According to the provisions of the law, PAID administers the mandatory home insurance system, which covers three basic risks specific to Romania: Earthquake, Floods, Landslides.