Schmidt warns investors not to invest money in the RS because of the state property

SARAJEVO, July 14 (FENA) – The Office of the High Representative (OHR) has warned international investors in the entity of Republika Srpska (RS), as well as banks that are considering accepting state property as collateral for loans, to be careful, because their money could be lost, Michael Martens, a journalist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, wrote on his Twitter profile.


As he stated, back in April last year, the HR of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, German politician Christian Schmidt, wrote letters to various financial and economic institutions operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a warning.

“The attempt of the RS to claim the state property as its own by passing an entity law is null and void,” warned Schmidt.

If the corresponding law were to be passed, it would “endanger legal certainty and business and investment environment in the RS”.

“It seems that a certain set of actions is being prepared. And who knows – if Dodik continues with his threats of secession, maybe the international community has some surprises in store for him, especially regarding his own or his relatives’ assets/accounts outside BiH,” writes Martens on Twitter.

He further states that he was not sure “if it was a good idea for the OHR to act as a scarecrow for potential investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that seems to be the situation,” concludes Martens.

(FENA) S. R.