Sarajevo International Airport registers 196,195 passengers in the moth of July

SARAJEVO, August 4 (FENA) – The Sarajevo International Airport registered 196,195 passengers in July this year (210,954 in the same month last year).

In July 2023, the airport completed 1,687 air operations (2,033 were recorded in July 2022).

A total of 205.4 tons of cargo were recorded, which is more than in the same month last year (182.8 tons).

In seven months of this year (January – July), 729,936 passengers used the services of the Sarajevo International Airport.

In that period, 7,664 air operations and 1,495.6 tons of cargo were recorded.

In 2022, 1,377,348 passengers were served at the Sarajevo International Airport, which is 20 percent more compared to the reference year 2019, and 15,451 air operations were realized, i.e. 13 percent more compared to the pre-pandemic 2019.

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