Sarajevo Film Festival is the best tourism brand of Sarajevo Canton

SARAJEVO, August 1 (FENA) – About 230 films will be shown at this year’s 29th Sarajevo Film Festival and 49 will be in the Competition Program.

Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Jovan Marjanović, said today at the press conference that through this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival, one can get a picture of contemporary film and that it is a good selection, which reflects what the year was like.

Marjanović, speaking about the popular Open Air program, pointed out that part of that program will be shown in the Stari Grad Summer Cinema.

“Although we are used to the Open Air program being exclusively related to the Coca-Cola Summer Cinema, or how we call it – Metalac, this year the program was expanded to the Stari Grad Vijećnica cinema, where a special focus was made on films from our speaking area,” said Marjanović.

He also pointed out that this year the Open Air program will also include films that were realized with the support of the Sarajevo Canton Government.

Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton Government, Nihad Uk, pointed out that the Sarajevo Film Festival is a world-famous event, and that it should be further developed.

“Long ago we stopped talking about the Sarajevo Film Festival exclusively as a film festival. Today, the SFF is an economic activity that collects tens of millions of KM in the budget in the nine days of the event,” pointed out Prime Minister Uk.

Minister of Culture and Sports Kenan Magoda said that the Sarajevo Film Festival sends an image of Sarajevo to the world, and pointed out that he is proud that the Government of Sarajevo Canton co-financed the film “Kiss the Future” by Nenad Čičin-Šain that will open the SFF.

Acting President of the Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board, Haris Fazlagić, emphasized the importance of SFF for tourism in Sarajevo.

“Sarajevo Film Festival is our biggest brand. Our season, which lasts 12 months, culminates in August during the Sarajevo Film Festival,” said Fazlagić, pointing out that the capacities are already full, booked, and that “more beds” are being sought.

(FENA) A. B.