Russian use of grain offence to humanity – Meloni

Decision shows who is the friend of poor countries says premier.

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 18 – Premier Giorgia Meloni has blasted Russia’s decision not to extend the UN-brokered deal that allowed Ukraine to export its grain during the war caused by Moscow’s invasion.
“Russia’s decision to interrupt the grain agreement is further proof of who is the friend and who is the enemy of the poorest countries,” Meloni said late on Monday “The leaders of those countries who do not want to distinguish between the attacker and the attacked should reflect.
“Using the raw material that feeds the world as a weapon is another offence against humanity”.
Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said Monday that Italy and its international partners were working on “alternative solutions” after Russia decided to break off the deal.
“The lack of food in Africa regards us all,” Tajani said via Twitter.
“We are very worried that Russia ended the agreement on grain.
“We are already at work for alternative solutions.
“The issue will be addressed at the food security summit that we have organized with the United Nations in Rome on July 24”.
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Monday that “millions of people will pay the price” of Russia’s withdrawal from the agreement. (ANSA).