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Ruowang’s “Wolves Coming” to be placed at Koplik roundabout

The Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage in the Northern region of Shkodra shared in the social media an interesting photo showing the works on one of the roundabouts of Koplik. In this roundabout, there will be placed the “Wolves Coming”, a work of art by the world-famous artist Liu Ruowang. The Chinese artist seeks to create a relationship that synthesizes the symbolism of human aggression on planet Earth and the reaction of nature as a result of the destruction of this diversity.

This is one of the works of art that will be placed in public spaces around the country.

The Albanian government has supported the “Art in Public Space” initiative with a fund of 200 million ALL, to be delivered through the Ministry of Culture.

The call for the submission of projects was addressed not only to Albanian artists, but also to foreign ones, as is the case in question. Throughout Albania, there are already found 18 locations where works of art have been placed or will be placed.