Romania’s presence on South American markets needs a boost (CCIR president)

Romania has a vital need to re-enter the South American markets which not long ago were considered as its traditional outlet, president of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) Mihai Daraban told the recent Romania – Ecuador Business Forum, as cited in a CCIR release.

“Romania has a vital need to re-enter the markets in South America, which not long ago, we considered traditional. But for this to happen, the business forums organized by the CCIR are not enough. The involvement of the Romanian state must be a committed one through strong economic diplomacy, which, unfortunately, does not happen at the moment. Therefore we particularly appreciate the interest shown by the Government of the Republic of Ecuador in today’s Business Forum, which – through the presence of the Vice Minister of Energy, the Vice Minister of Transport and Public Works, and of the Vice Minister of Housing Development, sends a strong signal to the entire Ecuadorian business environment regarding the business opportunities they can enjoy with a Romanian partner. The actions of CCIR to revitalize Romania’s economic presence on the South American markets are obvious, but we also expect the authorities in our country to respond accordingly,” said Daraban.

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized on March 4 in Quito the Romania – Ecuador Business Forum. CCIR secretary general Ovidiu Silaghi and representatives of 13 Romanian companies active in various fields were also part of the Romanian delegation.

The Romania – Ecuador Business Forum was preceded by the meeting of CCIR president Mihai Daraban with the president of the Quito Chamber of Commerce, Monica Heller, with the two business organizations signing a Memorandum of Understanding on the occasion, aimed at revitalizing bilateral economic relations.

The event was followed by B2B and B2G meetings where representatives of Romanian companies were joined by representatives of 25 Ecuadorian businesses from various economic sectors such as: construction, real estate development, energy, green energy solutions, transport and railway infrastructure, recycling and waste management, tourism and medical services.