Romania has considerable mineral, energy reserves, a reason why it should reactivate extractive, processing industry

The Romanian Academy affirms that our country has considerable mineral and energy resources and reserves, diverse and relatively evenly distributed in the territory, emphasizing the need to capitalize on them by reactivating the extractive and processing industry by implementing a National Geological Research-Exploration Programme.

Taking into account the principles of sustainable socio-economic development of our country, as well as the major difficulties that the Romanian State went through in the case of the Rosia Montana project, the Romanian Academy specifies that it is imperative that the exploitation of mineral resources is done in a sustainable way, without the use of technological procedures and substances with a high degree of toxicity (e.g. sodium cyanide), which would endanger the environment, human communities, archaeological and historical remains and the natural landscape in the mining area.

“It is necessary to put into practice a National Programme of geological research-exploration to highlight new resources/reserves of useful mineral substances, for the permanent reassessment and sustainable management of these resources. The Romanian Academy proposes to establish a National Geological Service, which will coordinate all the specific geological research-exploration activities and ensure the application of the National Geological Program, in accordance with the European objectives of the energy transition,” the Academy underlines.

At the same time, according to the Academy, for an efficient management of the country’s mineral and energy resources, it is necessary to create a legislative framework with the aim of identifying the potential of Romania’s natural resources in the interest of the country’s sustainable development.

Also, the existing legislative framework should be updated and completed (Mining Law, Petroleum Law and Environmental Law) and ensure the continuous harmonization of the national legislative framework with EU and UN legislation in the field (United Nations Resource Management System: Principles and Requirements, September 2022)

The Romanian Academy declares itself “ready to provide the necessary consultancy to the authorities of the Romanian State at any time” in the field, affirming that it has, through its members and its specialized institutes in Bucharest and in the country, the highest expertise network in the mineral resources exploitation sector.