Robertson: Kosovo’s security is important for NATO, there is no risk of war

The former Secretary General of NATO, Lord George Robertson, says that he unreservedly condemns the terrorist attack that happened last year in Banjska of Zveçan.

Demanding that those responsible be brought to justice, Robertson told KosovaPress that there is a need for an end to the violence in the region and to change the image of the Western Balkans from being a problem area to something that contributes to the wider European security.

For this reason, he underlines that the security of Kosovo is extremely important for the West and NATO. Although he says that there is no risk of a new war in the region, he raises the concern that if Russia succeeds in its military aggression against Ukraine, then the Western Balkans will be another area where Russian President Vladimir Putin will make trouble.

Robertson, who was the Minister of Defense of Great Britain during the time of the NATO bombings in Kosovo, tells KosovaPress that security in Kosovo and the region will be important in the future, as it will bring more investment and capital rising for the new generation.

“The security of Kosovo is hugely important and that is why NATO reinforced its troops here as well… That is why security in this country is going to matter in the future, but economic security is also going to matter to the younger generation”, he said.

According to him, the Western Balkans has great potential, so the Western countries want to finally see the end of violence in this area.

“Any violence has to be condemned and I condemn that unreservedly. But we’ve got to eventually see an end to violence in this whole region. This region has huge potential, but it has to change the image of being a problem area to an area that contributes to wider European security,” said Robertson.

He emphasizes that despite the current tensions, there is no danger of war in the Western Balkans, but according to him, Russia is interfering in the region through cyber warfare.

Robertson adds that it is very important that European countries come together to ensure that Putin does not succeed in Ukraine.

According to him, if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, then the Western Balkans will be another area where he will make trouble.

Speaking about Kosovo’s aspirations for NATO membership, Robertson says that Kosovo’s full membership in NATO would bring lasting peace to the region.

However, he says that membership is already a matter of the current structures of the largest North Atlantic military alliance.

“NATO membership is a matter of the NATO organization. I am a former secretary general, I do not have any control over what is happening today”, concludes Robertson.

The former Secretary General of NATO, Lord George Robertson, stayed in Kosovo during this week in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kosovo.