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Rita Petro, Albania’s nominee for European Union Prize for Literature

TIRANA, March 29/ATA/ “Today at Europe House, Rita Petro, Albania’s nominee for the European Union Prize for Literature, shared her novel, “Lindur së prapthi, (Born Backwards) taking us on a journey through her childhood memories in communist-era Albania”, is read in the webpage of the EU in Tirana.

Book lovers saw the world through the eyes of a child called “born backwards” by her family, discovering forbidden poems, unlikely friendships, and the challenges of life under the communist regime.

But the best part? The participants also engaged in an enriching discussion with Ms. Petro about the book and the issues it addresses.

A few days ago, the poetess Rita Petro participated in the International Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany. At the Albanian stand, Rita Petro presented her book “Hole” translated into German.

In Albania, Petro is the winner of “Onufri Prize”, (1999), “Prize for Poetry Career“, (2014), and winner of the National Prize of Bibliophile “Lumo Skëndo” 2014 with the poem “Vrima” (Hole) as the most critically successful publication of the author, as well as the most controversial; opposed by the opinion of a conservative society./