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President urges new officials to ignore baseless criticism and focus on duties

The swearing-in ceremony for the new Ministers and the handover of appointments for the new Deputy Minister and Commissioners, took place on Wednesday morning at the Presidential Palace, following a recent reshuffle by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides. 

During his address at the ceremony, President Christodoulides urged the incoming officials to remain focused on their responsibilities and to dismiss baseless criticism, while taking into account constructive feedback. 

“Close your ears to sirens of all kinds, that’s what I do, and dedicate yourselves only to the implementation of your work in the public interest,” he noted. 

He also encouraged the newly appointed members to steadfastly work towards the Government’s objectives. 

The President emphasised that the government’s commitment lies in hard work, with public judgement as the ultimate measure of their success. 

At the same time the President said he plans to address the Cypriot people in the coming days, providing detailed insights into the government’s vision for 2024. He expressed his commitment to introducing social consultation mechanisms, allowing citizens to actively participate in the decision-making process through a model of participatory governance. 

At the same time, President Christodoulides called on the newly appointed government officials to embrace a forward-thinking approach, leaving behind the past. He urged them to work diligently without expecting immediate rewards, asserting that recognition would only come through tangible results and the verification of their work by society. 

He highlighted the government’s commitment to benefitting the majority, grounded in principles of meritocracy, transparency, and justice. Speaking to the newly appointed officials, he emphasised their role as part of a strong team entrusted with implementing an innovative programme that places human well-being, health, education, employment, and safety at the forefront. 

Expressing optimism based on past accomplishments in education, immigration, the economy, and employment, President Christodoulides thanked departing government members for their collaboration and applauded their courage in participating in a government without guaranteed political party support. 

President Christodoulides reminded both existing and new government members that the authority granted to them by the people is temporary, emphasising the need for continuous, dedicated work. 

The President provided an indicative overview of the achievements made during the first ten months of his administration, expressing gratitude to the Ministers and their collaborators for their contributions. He highlighted the fact that solutions to long-standing citizen issues were launched, aiming to enhance the quality of life for citizens and support households and businesses. 

According to the President, key achievements include setting a national minimum wage at €1,000, resolving the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (CoLA) issue benefiting 180,000 workers, and improving hospital operations in Nicosia and Limassol. He also said that education saw progress in student evaluations and a pilot school nurse program for remote areas. He also noted the unified housing policies for affordable options, and support measures totalling €196 million against inflation’s impact. 

The President also said that migration strategies yielded tangible results, while legislative frameworks addressing foreclosures and rent-to-own initiatives were implemented.