Prekazi is a sacred place, all Albanians should visit it

On the occasion of November 28, Flag Day and the birthday of the legendary commander, Adem Jashari, in addition to political personalities, many citizens from different countries inside and outside Kosovo visited the cemetery in the “Adem Jashari” Memorial Complex.

On Flag Day and the 111th anniversary of Albania’s Independence, they call for “Albanians to be unique and more united than ever”.

The former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Brahim Xhaka, while visiting the Jashari family cemetery, through KosovaPress, called on all Albanians to be unique and united in order to advance the major issues for Kosovo.

Xhaka said that these cemeteries are an inspiration and convey a strong message about what the Jashari family sacrificed for.

Meanwhile, Florin Ndreshaj said that on the day of November 28, all roads lead to Prekaz, while he wished that the third November 28 be celebrated by all Albanians in one state.

Meanwhile, Helidon Gramshi from Tirana, said that today he visited Prekazi for the first time, for which he said that he feels strong and special emotions.

Gramshi added that they came together as a group to organize a marathon, while he assessed that Prekazi is a place that should be visited by all Albanians.

Likewise, another visitor from Tirana, Ganimete Thaçi, who bears the name of the heroine Ganimete Tërbeshi, said that she is visiting Prekazi “to give voice to the figure of Tërbeshi, just as the Jashari family gave their lives, when it was more than ever necessary for the country”.

November 28 marks three important dates for Albanians, in addition to the declaration of Albania as an independent state, on this date the hero of Kosovo, Adem Jashari, was born, as well as the first appearance of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).