Polish media recommend Montenegro as a destination

According to the National Tourism Organization (NTO), many influential media outlets from Poland have recommended Montenegro as a must-visit tourist destination for this year.

The daily newspapers Wiadomosci Turystyczne, Rynek Turystyczny, and Puls Biznesu, along with 27 Polish portals, have highlighted that Montenegro is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and for those seeking peace and tranquillity.

Articles about the destination published in the past month have reached nearly a million readers.

According to the official statistics for the first nine months, there were over 40,000 tourist arrivals from Poland to collective accommodation, placing this country among the top ten markets from which Montenegro has seen the largest number of arrivals.

“In light of the importance of the Polish market for our country’s tourism, the articles published by influential media make a special contribution to positioning Montenegro as an attractive travel destination for 2023/24,” the NTO stated in a press release.