PM Mitsotakis: Port infrastructure in Greece undergoing major revamp

Port infrastructure in Greece is undergoing a radical restructuring, with investments which ought to have been made earlier, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday in the ceremony for the conclusion of works to upgrade and expand the port of Agios Konstantinos.

“We are making significant progress at the port of Agios Konstantinos as part of a large developmental mosaic that concerns our port infrastructure,” the Greek premier said.

He pointed out that the investment not only enables more visitors to depart from Agios Konstantinos to destinations in Evia and the Sporades but it also enables the region of Central Greece and especially Fthiotida to welcome more visitors, as the port will now be accessible to small and medium cruise ships.

“In this mountain and sea development plan, I believe that Agios Konstantinos can play a leading role and I am glad that through a public investment we were able to contribute to the development of the area by adding important port infrastructure,” he said.

“At the beginning of the second four-year period, the emphasis is on the implementation and delivery of the projects, because what matters is the result,” he underlined.