People from Ulcinj cross the capital’s squares with songs and dances

The squares of Prishtina were crowded with people in Ulcinian clothing and songs. In this way, the people of Ulcinj thanked Kosova for being loyal to the coastal city for years. The young people of the “Teuta” ensemble sang and danced all the way to the “Skanderbeg” square. “Together in Ulcinj” is this year’s motto of the tourist season, which promises friendship and safety for all Kosovars.

The director of the Tourist Organization in Ulcinj, Qazim Hoxhiq, said that in addition to the promotion, this year they want to thank all vacationers from Kosova.

“To Ulcinj this time, unlike other years, where we have always come to promote our city, we came this time to thank all the vacationers of the people of Kosova in general who were so far loyal to our city of Ulcinj. It is always known that Ulcinj has over 60 percent Kosovar tourists, who have faithfully visited us,” he declared.

Tonight, he adds, a traditional dinner will be organized with 500 guests.

“Last year we had 22 percent more registered tourists from Kosova and this shows that visits to our city are always increasing. The main tourist market is Kosova and we are here for all the promotion, for all the loyalty and I believe that every Kosovar, every citizen of Kosova who comes to Ulcinj, he actually comes to his own city. It’s just a brotherhood that we’ve carried on. The next few days it’s ‘May Fest’, we have some concerts which we can’t talk about the names yet because of the contracts, we will have various events throughout the season, including May and June, in which Kosovar vacationers will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in our city,” he added.

The tourist season will start with the “May Fest” festival, to continue with many other concerts near the Ulcinj coast.

“’May Fest’ starts on April 25 until April 28. We open the tourist season on these days, which is called “All for tourism”. Then in May we have Kubla days, then on May 21 we continue with other concerts that will continue throughout the tourist season… Loyalty is promised, friendship is promised, insurance is promised like every other year so far. Events will never be missing, so we are always there for innovations”, he concludes.