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Parliament Votes Against GERB-UDF’s Zhelyazkov as Prime Minister

Parliament Wednesday refused to back Prime Minister-designate Rosen Zhelyazkov, thus practically ending the procedure for a government on the first cabinet-forming mandate. Zhelyazkov was designated by GERB-UDF, the largest party in Parliament, and announced that he was ready with a government composition and lineup as soon as President Rumen Radev July 1 handed him a mandate to try to form a Cabinet.

A total of 138 MPs voted against Zhelyazkov as prime minister, 98 MPs backed him, and 2 abstained. The only parliamentary force to vote in favour of Zhelyazkov apart from GERB-UDF was the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), but 14 of its MPs still voted against and one abstained.

Earlier on Wednesday,  one of MRF’s two chairmen, Delyan Peevski, told journalists that the party’s honorary chairman, Ahmed Dogan, had recommended to the parliamentary group not to support the government of GERB. However, Peevski made it clear he would not comply with that recommendation.

Following is a breakdown of the votes in favour of Zhelyazkov by parliamentary groups:

GERB-UDF:  68 out of 68 MPs

MRF: 30 out of 45 MPs

CC-DB: 0 out of 39 MPs

Vazrazhdane: 0 out of 38  MPs

BSP for Bulgaria: 0 out of 18 MPs

There Is Such a People: 0 out of 16 MPs

Velichie: 0 out of 13 MPs

Independent MPs: 0 out of 2 MPs