Over 5,000 diaspora children to participate in ARC 2023 Camps

More than 5,000 children from the diaspora will take part in the ARC 2023 camps from July 3, the Department for Romanians Abroad (DRP) announced on Friday.

According to a press release sent to AGERPRES, the Department for Romanians Abroad, in partnership with the Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities and the National Agency for Sport, is launching the 14th edition of the ARC Camps Programme on Thursday, July 6, at the Camp Sulina Leisure Centre, Tulcea county.

“More than 5,000 children from the diaspora and historical communities will keep alive the link with their motherland and will take with them memories of our beautiful places. I will be with them this summer and I am sure that together we will learn from each other what it means to be Romanian and what binds us so much beyond distances,” Gheorghe Carciu, Secretary of State for Romanians Abroad, is quoted in the press release as saying.

The opening ceremony in Sulina will also be held in video-conference format, simultaneously connecting all the other five leisure centres in the country where the groups of campers are located, says DRP, which adds that the event will bring together representatives of Parliament, the Government, Romania’s diplomatic missions abroad, as well as public authorities in Romania, and the children and young people attending the camp will delight the audience with a traditional artistic programme.

“Some 5,000 pupils, students and young people from the historical communities and the diaspora will have unforgettable moments with the help of teachers and volunteers who support the strengthening of Romanian identity by deepening their knowledge of the Romanian language. At the same time, students and young people from the Republic of Moldova have been invited to participate in the ARC 2023 Camp Programme,” the press release reads.

According to the mentioned source, the ARC camps aim to facilitate interaction and dialogue between young people from historical communities and young people from the diaspora, through the development of communication skills, particularly important in promoting the image of Romania, and through workshops to deepen knowledge of culture, history, geography and arts.