Osmani: Serbia doesn’t shy away from reminding us of its intentions for the region

Serbia, as the representative of Russia in our region, is committed to returning this region as it was in the 90s, since together with its allies, they want to undo everything that has been achieved together over the years. This is what the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, said at the conference for the 25th anniversary of NATO’s intervention in Kosovo, with the theme “Democracy, human rights and peace building”, which was organized by the University of Pristina together with the University of Arkansas, USA.

Osmani said that NATO is Kosovo’s destiny, which destiny is based on everyone’s desire to share responsibilities for ensuring peace and stability in our region and beyond.

The President added that Kosovo continues to undertake reforms in the security sector, developing more and more special capacities in the Kosovo Security Force.

Also, Osmani added that Serbia is showing its goals for the region every day.

The US Ambassador to Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, was also present.