Osmani in a meeting with Turner: US support is essential

The country’s president, Vjosa Osmani, met congressman Mike Turner, chairman of the Permanent Committee of the US House of Representatives on Intelligence Services. There, Osmani said that the support of the USA in Kosovo’s path towards NATO is essential.

According to the announcement of the Presidency, Osmani has described the relations with the USA as strategic and existential, while she has thanked Congressman Turner for his support over the years.

Osmani emphasized that the state of Kosovo is also a success story of the USA.

“In the meeting with Congressman Tuner, President Osmani announced that Kosovo’s goal is membership in international organizations such as: NATO, EU, Council of Europe and others. In relation to cooperation with the USA, President Osmani emphasized that in the sphere of defense and security. President Osmani mentioned Kosovo’s aspiration for membership first in the Partnership for Peace (PfP), and then in NATO, where the support of the USA is essential”, the Presidency announced through a communiqué.

Osmani also mentioned the fact that the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (AKI) has close cooperation with the intelligence services of the USA in addressing common security challenges that may threaten peace and security in Kosovo and the region.

“However, in relation to the situation in the north of the country, President Osmani has emphasized that Kosovo has taken substantive steps to improve the situation and that it continues to be a constructive party in this process. However, he emphasized the obstructions of Serbia, as well as the destabilizing actions in the north of Kosovo through criminal gangs directed from Belgrade. She re-emphasized the importance of the full implementation of all obligations arising from the Brussels Agreement and the Ohrid annex”, it was emphasized in the communiqué.