Osmani in a meeting with the Czech minister: EU measures are creating a lack of balance in the dialogue

The President of the country, Vjosa Osmani, received the Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic, Martin Dvořák, in a meeting today.

The announcement states that the focus of the discussion between President Osmani and Minister Dvořák was the current political and security situation, the strengthening of bilateral relations and regional stability.

Osmani underlined Kosovo’s steadfast commitment to the Euro-Atlantic journey, stressing the necessity of Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe, which is in the interest of all citizens of Kosovo without distinction, inclusion in the Partnership for Peace, membership in NATO, the EU and international organizations.

Furthermore, President Osmani expressed gratitude for the continuous support of the Czech Republic in strengthening Kosovo’s international position.

Underlining the continued support of the Czech Republic in this journey, President Osmani emphasized the strategic importance of Kosovo’s inclusion in the PfP, and then in NATO, as a guarantee for the stability not only of Kosovo, but also of the region. In connection with this, Osmani also said that Kosovo deserves to receive the status of a candidate country in the EU, as a country that has carried out radical reforms.

In the meeting with Minister Dvořák, Osmani emphasized that the terrorist attack and aggression of September 24 in Banjska, supported and sponsored by Serbia, was an attempt to undermine the peace and stability, not only of Kosovo, but of the entire Western Balkans.

During the meeting, President Osmani emphasized the need to remove EU measures against Kosovo, which she said are unfair and create a lack of balance in the dialogue.

Highlighting the long-standing positive relations between Kosovo and the Czech Republic, they also discussed the possibilities of expanding cooperation in various areas of common interest.